summer 2013 | victoria bc photographer

we have kicked off our summer vacation with a little trip up island. i would love to start off by saying how magical the trip was with the kids. but honestly - it was a lot of bickering and fighting...are we there yet?...i'm cold... i'm hot...this sucks...the list goes on and on. we didn't have an agenda set or anything, we knew our favourite spots and found ourselves at combs daily enjoying ice cream and bee-stings. we also visited tiger lily farms and went at the end of the day when it was quiet and got to milk goats, feed baby farm animals and ride on ponies.

olivia was quite a treat this vacation. i'm hoping it's just a 5 year old thing and something that will pass, because seeing englishman river falls to her was 'the worst day of her life ever' LOL. our favourite stop was the kinsol trestle off shawnigan lake road. the trestle is the largest in the commonwealth - it's huge! and has been rehabilitated from its original condition so safe for everyone to walk across. 

i didn't realize how many photos i actually took until i got home and uploaded them up. so here they are - my favourite shots from our trip :)


my on the go baby sippy cup - a hole in the cap of a water bottle ;)





project 10 : hair

i recently joined a facebook group called project 10 that does monthly challenges where you post 10 images of a specific theme every month. this month's challenge was hair. and having olivia with her beautiful could i not participate?

here are my ten photos:

and this is the face i get when she is done taking pics LOL




we found a bridge | victoria bc photographer

We found a bridge the other day not even two minutes from our house. Well - Ruben, who is training for his half marathon mentioned the bridge after one of his nights running and how neat it was... so the girls and I went there for a walk. I brought my camera to try and get some photos but Elise was being moody and didn't want her photo to be taken. Olivia always loves getting her photo taken, maybe a little too much. Here are some picures from our little walk...





Penelope's first year - a snapshot

I was looking through my computer the other night, and stumbled across one of these photos which reminded me that I had it in my head to put together a collage of Penelope's first year. Well, we are a little past her first birthday, but I set aside sometime tonight to make it anyways. I have a few versions of these images, some with the girls and some by herself. But this was the easiest to put together. I will need to start doing these yearly now, because I can't believe how fast the year went and how much she has changed.


This little girl

Stole my heart! I'm not even sure how to describe her little personality - sweet, clever, kind, gentle...? She was so adorable, and her parents - wow, is she ever so lucky to have them. Such a lovely couple to spend some time with this evening. Here is the sneak peek for Grandma that I promised.